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פסטיבל ימי פלמנקו ה-26 במרכז סוזן דלל:

* "פלמנקו בדם" -  FLAMENCO EN LA SANGRE – LOS REYES - מופע פלמנקו מסורתי צועני מספרד
* DEPENDENCIA - מעולם הפלמנקו העכשווי, בכורה עולמית מאת היוצרת והרקדנית מיכל בן צבי החיה שנים בספרד, בשיתוף פעולה ייחודי של אמני פלמנקו מובילים מספרד.

* "מרחב פוטנציאלי" - ESPACIO POTENCIAL - יצירת פלמנקו עכשווית ספרד-ישראל מאת אדוה ירמיהו, מלווה במוסיקה מקורית ייחודית של מנואל קזאס. 

* "שגעון הפלמנקו" - LOCURA FLAMENCA - מופע מיוחד לכל המשפחה בהשראת הקרקסהצרפתי – Le cirque perdue, של הרקדנית-יוצרת-אקרובטית- רות סלמה (Ruth Salama)

לבירור על מבצעים בקופת סוזן דלל ובפייסבוק
כרטיסים 035105656  ובאתר

>> Flamenco En La Sangre


Los Reyes family with a traditional pure Gypsy Flamenco.
The entire show aims to showcase the flamenco the way it is passed down from generation to generation, the essence of families dancing as well as Farrucos, Mario Maya. For three generations now, the dance that is flowing in their blood, and like good wine, only improves over the years

Juan De Los Reyes, born in Seville in 1965, started performing at the age of 11.  Studied with the great Farruco and performed with him and the young Farruqito.  Worked at the important Tabellas in Seville, Madrid, and Barcelona.  Appeared with Mario Maya and prepared his family for shows in Spain and the United States.  Considered today one of the great Masters of the Gypsy Flamenco and devoting himself to passing on this tradition in his academy - Estudio Flamenco de los Reyes.

Lola de los Reyes, born 1996.  The daughter of Juan de los Reyes, who from a very early age, it was obvious was born a great dancer.  In 2011 won the national competition of the Cristina Heeren Academy.

Agueda Saavedra, born in Malaga.  Studied with Carmen Amaya.  Performs with many companies, including Marco Flores, Manuel Linan, Jesus Carmona.  Considered a rising star in the flamenco world in Spain

Dancers: Juan de los Reyes /Lola de los Reyes /

Agueda Saavedra
Singer:  Pepe de Pura / Jesus Corbacho

Original Music & Guitar:  Cazas Manuel 
Percussion:  Jose Carrasco

>> Dependencia 


World premiere for this special international Israeli-Spanish collaboration created by

Michal Ben-Tsvi.

Contemporary Flamenco that presents a personal view of the human need for belonging and the only dependence on its environment through the connection between the traditional flamenco and elements from other artistic languages.  At the foundation of the work is the unique poetry and musical rhythms of the flamenco, from which an interdisciplinary stage space is constructed that presents visual images and dramatic-story scenes.

Artistic Director, Choreography, Dance:  Michal Ben-Tsvi
Choreography & Dance:  Ivan Orellana Domínguez 

Guitar & Music:  Martin Niño

Singers:  Marta Garcia La Niña & Yehuda (Shuky) Shveiki

Percussion:  Chagai Leshem


Dramatogy;  David Montero

Production:  Liri Septon, Michal Ben-Tsvi

Show Manager:  Aya Gavriel

Wardrobe:  Pilar Cordero, Carmelilla a Baila 
Lighting Design:  Iliya Feldstein

>> Espacio Potencial

'Potential Space' is a term coined by psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott and refers to the middle zone of the experience that lies between reality and fantasy, without these poles interfering with one another or making a choice between them.  This is a contemporary flamenco creation by Adva Yermiyahu, in a special collaboration between prominent flamenco artists from Spain and Israel, accompanied by original music for this performance by Spanish music director and guitarist Manuel Cazas.

A meeting between the flamenco tradition and contemporary arts such as contemporary dance, performance, visual theater and non-traditional musical instruments: double bass and ethnic percussion.  A meeting that transforms the work into a 'potential space' that connects opposing situations and images: static and moving, intimate and public, alone and together, between them, straight and round, power and release, stage and life, performer and spectator, fantasy and reality - in order to realize dialogue between them.


Artistic Director, Choreography, Dance:  Adva Yermiyahu
Composer, Musical Director, Guitar:  Cazas Manuel

Singer:  Corbacho Jesus

Percussion:  Rabadán Javier

Contrabassoon:  Gal Maestro

Dance:  Harana Abel 

Wardrobe:  Pilar Cordero, Yael Lugassi 
Lighting Design:  Felix Vazquez

Production:  Gizel Deya

Production Asst.:  Hadar Feder

>> Locura Flamenca

'Crazy Flamenco', a family show by Ruth Salama, inspired by the French Circus - Le Cirque Perdue.

The show approaches the flamenco in an unconventional way, with humor and a combination of clownery and acrobatics, but retains the respect for the flamenco essence.  Ruth conveys to her audience - children as adults - her love of flamenco.  A combination of dance and speech (in Hebrew), clowns and acrobatics, that allows her to share with the audience her personal, feminine, lighthearted approach but does not neglect the flamenco fundamentals of color, movement, and rhythms.

ופע הילדים רות סלמה_WEB.jpg

Ruth Selma, born in Barcelona.  Lived in Israel and studied theater at Nissan Nativ Studio.  Studied circus in Hungary and the academy in France.  Her unique talent mix has brought her to performances all over the world - Ireland, France, Germany, the Klezmer Circus and more.

                                               Like every year, we work to make these events as full of life and grace as was Adi.                                           

Festival Schedule

Thursday March 26th 
21:00 pm
"Flamenco En La Sangre" - 
Los Reyes family

Traditional Gypsy Flamenco

[tickets 195/225 IS]


Friday March 27th
10:00 am - 13:00 pm
Master Class - by Juan De Los Reyes

*Susan Delal Center

14:00 pm
"Dependencia" - 
World Premiere / Israeli-Spanish production

[tickets 80/110 IS]

21:00 pm

"Flamenco En La Sangre" - Los Reyes family

Traditional Gypsy Flamenco

[tickets 195/225 IS]


Tickets - Susan Delal  03-5105656   LINK HERE

Saturday March 29th 
13:30 pm
"Espacio Potencial"

Original Modern Flamenco by Adva Yerniyahu
[tickets 80/110 IS]


17:00 pm

"Locura Flamenca"

Family Friendly Performance by Ruth Salama

[tickets 60 IS]

Festival Gala Event

"Flamenco En La Sangre" - Los Reyes family

[tickets 210/230 IS]

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