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"Bayles de Jitanos"

The idea behind the creation of this unique production - an exposé of Flamenco music and dance as we know them today, reminiscent of musical and choreographical repertory adopted or created by the Gypsies starting in the XVII century up until now.

Bayles de Jitanos reveals to us through dance Andalusian -Gypsy and non-Gypsy, African, Sephardic, Moorish, traditional, popular, pre-flamenco, and, finally, Flamenco musical styles.

Performed by Antonio Molina "El Choro" & Gema Moneo together with their cast of virtuos musicians.

Artistic Director - Rafael Estevez.  

Produced by Fundacion Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco & Alexandra Hoffer.


* performing all 3 festival nights

 Beautiful to Cry For!  

"This show is a real gem , pure flamenco , generous, current and timeless , it will be remembered  long and warm the heart of those who have taken the brunt in this so cold February evening." 

 - © Javier Fergó / festival de Jerez  

"Cinco 5" – “Fire Strings”

Presenting the magic of various Spanish music genres. Guitar, flute & percussion with a touch of flamenco dance create an artistic rhythmic show.

Artistic Direction - Tanya Vinokur.

"Manana de Israeli Flamenco"

A celebration of young flamenco companies from all over Israel.

Presenting the schools/companies of:  Inbal Cohen, Adi Davidovitz, Yifat Cohen, Roni Lugasi, Shelly Almog, Dana Avi, Hagar Koren, and a solo by Adi Akiva.

“Dali's Dance”

'Alma' flamenco theater.

The sound track of Salvator Dali's life and paintings.  

A family friendly show.

The Gala evening will be honoring our dear friend and supporter the late Former President Yitzhak Navon.

                                               Like every year, we work to make these events as full of life and grace as was Adi.                                           

Festival Schedule

Thursday April 7th 
21:00 pm
Bayles de Jitanos - 'El Choro' / Gema Moneo / Rafael Estevez

[tickets 180/200 IS]


Friday April 8th
10:00 am
Master Class - by Molina & Moneo


14:00 pm
Cinco5 - Fire Strings

*Yerushalmi Hall
[tickets 85 IS]


22:00 pm
Bayles de Jitanos - 'El Choro' / Gema Moneo / Rafael Estevez

[tickets 180/200 IS]


Tickets - Susan Delal  03-5105656

Saturday April 9th 
12:30 pm
Mañana de Israeli Flamenco
[tickets 80/90 IS]


17:00 pm
Dali's Dance - a family friendly performance by 'Alma' Flamenco Company

*Yerushalmi Hall
[tickets 70 IS]


Festival Gala Event & Bayles de Jitanos -

'El Choro' / Gema Moneo / Rafael Estevez
[tickets 200/220 IS]

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