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>> BAILABLES -World Premier


Rafael Estevez & Valeriano Panos Company.

A choreographic fantasy based on what was “danceable” and “not danceable” during previous centuries.  In the 21st century the rigid rules of strict compass are replaced by openness allowing to take the Flamenco we inherited and express to all sounds- native and foreign, traditional and innovative flamenco acoustic and electronic, noise and silence.

The Company

Rafael Estevez and Valeriano Panos created many pieces, among them: Flamenco XXI / Opera café y puro – Breakthrough Award from Jerez Festival/ La consagracion - Best choreography award / Choreographers for the Saura film Flamenco Hoy and many more Bailables was presented in the 2016 Biennale and Jerez festival with great success, as both creators were nominated to direct the BFA till end 2018, now they present it in Israel- a World

Rafael Estevez (Huelva 1979) - Danced and created many prominent performances. An incredibly charismatic dancer/choreographer/ creator. When on stage is mesmerizing all audience….whether in a movement of hand, dancing or just standing on stage. In all his shows
Valeriano Panos (Barcelona, 1976) - After completing his training at the Conservatorio de danza de Córdoba, joined the Compañía Andaluza de Danza then Ballet Nacional de España from 1998 to 2000. As a soloist, he was awarded as Outstanding Dancer by X Certamen de Coreografía de danza española y flamencoe


"Masters that do without rules" "To freedom from the unexpected" - El Mundo
"Estévez & Paños companies’ electrifying work" - Le Travailleur Catalan

Artistic direction and choreography:

Rafael Estévez, Valeriano Paños
Dancers: Rafael Estévez, Valeriano Paños,

Macarena López, Sara Jiménez, Nadia González,

Carmen Muñoz, Alberto Selles
Singer, Guitarist and Piano: Matías López, “El Mati”
Music:  Rafael Estévez, Matías López, Faustino Nuñez


Photo: Beatrix Mexi Molnar


Photo: Natasha Shakhnes

>> Lorca & Blackbird 


Creation inspired by the great Federico Garcia Lorca and his myth figure of the symbolic Black
bird. A composition combining dance singing, music and spoken word- domains of Lorca’s
talents. Portraying the black bird we all have inside.


Choreography: Sharon Saguy
Text & Spoken Word: Rafael Emanuel Ran

Guitar & Vocals: Ophir Atar

Singer: Yehuda (Shuky) Shveiki

Wardrobe: Tanya Feldman

>> GYPSY by Tania Vinokur

Musical show full of energy from the “Gypsy” album of Tanya and then Cinco ensemble.  Tanya is a talented violinist, singer and Flamenco dancer.  All with the influences of a very special blend – Spanish/ Oriental / Latino/ and Balkan that she brings from her family roots. Spectacle full of joy soul and energy to celebrate the 25 th festival of Dias de Flamenco


Photo: Ophir Harel

>> Manana de Israeli Flamenco

A graceful presentation of young flamenco groups from all over Israel.

Presenting the schools/companies of: 

*Longing – Heli Wezman choreography. Eilat- Kolyer Matnas
*Tabanco / Ciudad de la Idea - Or Feldman choreography/ Costumes Moda Pasion.  Flamenco center Liat Raz - Hertzelya
*The essence Jar – Elinor Druker Ben Zaken choreography.  Studio Elibra - Raanana & Even Yehuda
* Orobroy – Buleria- Inbal Cohen/ Perla Nodel/ Maram Kablawi choreography.  Studio Andaluz - Haifa
* Malamente – Liat Kaplinsky choreography.  School of Dance and Flamenco - Hasharon
* Generaciones- Dana Avi Englander / Yonit Modan choreography.  Dance School of Nes Tsiona Culture Center
* Guajira de flores – Hagar Cnaan choreography.  Surialona studio- Rishon le Zion
* Siguerias / My Mika / Classic-Flamenco – Carmel Natan Shelly choreography (1st Keren Adi competition winner).  
Givat Brener Dance Center. 

* Fin de Fiesta

Photo: Shira Agmon

>> Competition

Every Contestant Performs 2 Dances:
1. Caracoles – choreography Ursula Lopez.
2. Free, performed with live music – singer Yehuda Shveiki / Guitar – Ophir Atar / Artistic producer- Adva Yermyahu

Judges:  Rafael Estevez / Valeriano Panos / Nili Cohen

Observer:  Sharon Sagui

                                               Like every year, we work to make these events as full of life and grace as was Adi.                                           

Festival Schedule

Thursday March 15th 
21:00 pm
"BAILABLES" - Rafael Estevez & Valeriano Panos Company.

[tickets 195/225 IS]


Friday March 16th
09:40 am
Master Class - by Rafael Estevez & Valeriano Panos

*Susan Delal Stage

14:30 pm
Competition - Stage II

[tickets 65/75 IS]

16:30 pm
"Gypsy" - Tania Vinokur

*FREE - Outdoors at Susan Delal 

20:00 pm
"Lorca - Blackbird" - Sharon Saguy

*FREE - At the Foyer at Susan Delal 

21:00 pm

"BAILABLES" - Rafael Estevez & Valeriano Panos Company.

[tickets 195/225 IS]


Tickets - Susan Delal  03-5105656

Saturday March 17th 
12:30 pm
Mañana de Israeli Flamenco
[tickets 80/100 IS]


Festival Gala Event: 

Part I - Competition Finals

Part II - "BAILABLES" - Rafael Estevez & Valeriano Panos Company.

[tickets 210/240 IS]

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