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ADI Foundation was established in the memory of Adi Agmon in September 1994.  Adi was 23 when she died – an officer in the IDF, a gifted student of sciences, and a passionate lover of dance and especially Flamenco.  She dreamt of traveling to Spain to study flamenco, but fell ill.  Realizing her dream couldn’t be fulfilled, she asked to be remembered by a stipend for a talented Israeli flamenco dancer to study Flamenco in Spain.

Inspired by her wish, the foundation became a “home” for the Flamenco culture in Israel, the performers, and growing community of fans, enhanced by our activities.

ADI Foundation is the producer the annual Spanish Culture Festival named

Dias de Flamenco” which takes place every spring at the Susan Dellal center

in Tel-Aviv.



The foundation is also the organizer of the Israeli Flamenco Competition, which first prize is a professional level flamenco course in Spain.  Many of the winners and contestants have gone on to become Flamenco performers in Israel, Spain and the world.

In our first couple of years, Cristina Hoyos, the known Flamenco dancer, contributed to setting the level and spirit of these events by performing at the Festival and serving as a judge.  The Adi Foundation established numerous contacts in Spain, with organizations such as the Cristina Heren Foundacion - a Flamenco academy in Seville with which we collaborate in stipends for dancers and musicians.  The festivals have also been covered by the known Flamenco review newspaper, Alma100, on a regular basis.

Our Board Members

Mr. David Agmon - Chairman

Mr. Amram Agmon

Mrs. Dana Agmon

Ms. Shira Agmon

Mr. Yair Aloni

Mrs. Aviva Banai

Brigadier General (Ret.) Shalom Ben Moshe

Mr. Rami Hochman
Mr. Sami Levy
General (Ret.) Dani Rothschild
Mr. Yair Vardi

Ms. Varda Raz - Administration

Foundation Team:

Mrs. Tuti Porat, CEO

Adi Akiva

Sharon Saguy

Dr. Idit Suslik

Yael Tuchfeld

Adva Yermiyahu 

Dana Agmon

Shira Agmon

* Emeritus:
The Late, Judge Haim Adar
The Late, Mr. Yossi Banai

The Late, Mr. Dov Lautman

Honorary Lifetime Founder - The Late, Mrs. Eva Agmon 

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