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The competition is at the heart of the ADI Foundation activities from the very beginning.  

It was Adi’s legacy, originating from her own words to ”remember me by granting a scholarship for a young talented Israeli flamenco dancer to study in Spain”.

“Dias de Flamenco” was then built around the competition as an annual festival.


Time:                       The competition takes place every two years during the three festival days.  

Application:            Application opens several months prior to the festival and the free application forms are available from the  foundation.

Age Limit:               16-26 (with some flexibility to the foundations' discretion)

Requirements:        Contestants need to prepare two dances for the competition.

                                 The first dance is a mandatory dance, which is taught at the choreography master class presented by the foundation the                                       year prior to the competition.  It is videographed and available for contestants to practice by.

                                 The second dance is a free choreography dance of their choice.

Process:                   The competition consists of 3 stages:

                                 1st Stage -    a flamenco class taught by a prominent Israeli dancer.  At the end of the class, each contestant presents one                                                            of the prepared dances.  The 5-6 contestants to advance to the next stage are announced shortly after the                                                              class concludes.

                                 2nd Stage -   The second stage is a ticketed performance in which each contestant presents both dances in front of the                                                               judges and a live audience at the Suzanne Dellal Center.  Winners of this stage are announced shortly                                                                       after the end of the performances. 

                                 Final Stage - The three finalists present a dance of their choice at the festive Gala Evening on the last day of the festival                                                              at the main theatre of the Suzanne Dellal Center, in front of a crown that includes dignitaries such as                                                                          ambassadors, government officials, and the foundation esteemed board members.



1st Place - 12000 IS - applied toward travel and advanced studies of flamenco in Spain

2nd Place - 6000 IS - applied toward advanced flamenco studies

3rd Place - 3000 IS - applied toward advanced flamenco studies

*NEW 2019*

Young Promise Award - 3000 IS - applied toward advanced flamenco studies



There are three judges at the competition.

The chief judge is always the solo dancer of the Spanish flamenco company that performs at the festival; The second judge is Mrs. Sharon Saguy, the foundation Artistic Director;  The third jude is a prominent professional from the Israeli dance scene.  

Througout the years, we have helped many talented young Israeli flamenco students establishing themselves as performing dancers and flamenco teachers in many studios all over Israel.  Our winners and contestants have grown to create many dance companies and numerous creative productions.

At the 20 year celebration of the Adi Foundation we produced a special performance - “Spanish Fantasy”, which gave stage to 18 performing dancers - winners of previous competitions, under the artistic direction of our beloved Sharon Saguy, a gifted artist, flamenco dancer, and teacher, who has accompanied the foundation from its inception and served as a Judge in most of the competitions, and Carmel Natan Shelly - our very first winner.

Past Winners

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