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>> El Encuentro - 'The Meeting'


David Coria company with guest dancer Adela Campallo in a passionate virtuoso Flamenco.

The show presents encounters, dance conversations, between characters, telling parallel stories in special moments.  It includes ten different stories, ten characters, memories, romances, and connections.  David is the eleventh sibling in his family, and in this piece he creatively brings the experiences of family gathering with humor and talent.

The show has been critically acclaimed with great enthusiasm in the prestigious Jerez Festival and Nimes Festival.


David Coria, Adela Campallo (guest artist),
Florencia O'Ryan, Lorena Franco, Rafael Ramirez

Percussion - Rafael Heredia
Guitar - Jose Luis Medina / David Vargas
Vocals - El Londro / Jesus Corbacho

>> Ocho - 'Eight' 


World premiere of a an original production by Keren Adi. A collaboration between 4 Israeli flamenco dancers and   4 Spanish musicians.
In numerology, the number '8' represents Eternity.  Aristotle: "infinity is a potential never actualized".  Eternity is immeasurable, delimitative, and ungraspable. 

The show came to life through a combination of turning points connecting the dancers into one creative composition.


Adi Movdat, Adi Akiva, Adva Yermiyahu, Yael Tuchfeld


Guitar - Jose Luis Medina
Vocals - Pepe de Pura, Juanfran Carrasco
Percussion - Antonio Montiel

>> Tuti

An original Flamenco duet.

Choreography & Dance - Sharon Saguy

Composition & Cachon - Sason Levi

Guest Singer - Yehuda 'Shuki' Shviki

>> Manana de Israeli Flamenco

A graceful presentation of young flamenco groups from all over Israel.

Presenting the schools/companies of: 

- Impact Studio, "Contra" / Roni Lugasi

- A Mi Manera / Inbal Cohen

- Shaar HaNegev / Lihi Mayman Vantik

- Trio OtroFlamenco / Noa & Inbal Barnea, Lior ShemTov

- Danceup, "Freedom" / Ofir Avner

- Duliart, Shoham Flamenco Ansambel / Or Feldman

- Eve Rosenblum Vidal

- Fin de Fiesta

>> Don Juan in Flamenco Kingdom

Puppet 'Don Juan' & dancer Roni Lugasi present a charming journey into the Flamenco kingdom, in which the young audiences experience the unique magic of the world of flamenco with its different styles.  An interactive family friendly show accompanied by authentic Spanish music, costumes, and a vibrant set. 

Presented by Roni Lugasi with 'Compact' dance group of the Impact dance center.

                                               Like every year, we work to make these events as full of life and grace as was Adi.                                           

Festival Schedule

Thursday March 15th 
21:00 pm
"El Encuentro" - David Coria & Company /Adela Campallo

[tickets 200/220 IS]


Friday March 16th
10:00 am
Studio Performance/Master Class - by David Coria / Adela Campallo

*At the Inbal Theater

14:00 pm
Don Juan in Flamenco Kingdom - a family friendly performance

*At the Inbal Theater
[tickets 70 IS]

14:00 pm
"Ocho" - World Premier

[tickets 100/120 IS]


22:00 pm

"El Encuentro" - David Coria & Company /Adela Campallo

[tickets 200/220 IS]


Tickets - Susan Delal  03-5105656

Saturday March 17th 
12:30 pm
Mañana de Israeli Flamenco
[tickets 80/100 IS]


Festival Gala Event: 

Part I - "Ocho" - Select segments of the World Premier

              "Tuti" - An original Duet

Part II - "El Encuentro" - David Coria & Company /Adela Campallo

[tickets 210/230 IS]

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