"Pintor Y Flamenco J.R.T"

Dancing the Flamenco as homage to the painter Julio Romero de Torres. Ursula Lopez, Tamara Lopez and Leonor Leal- created a very original modern Flamenco show.  All 3 are both Flamenco and Ballet masters.  The show was presented in Jerez Festival and Saville Biennale with great success.


* performing all 3 festival nights

Cinco 5 – “Juanita and the Guitar”

Presenting the magic of various Spanish music genres in an interactive captivating way, for the entire family! 

Artistic Direction - Tanya Vinokur.


* presented at the Cervantes TLV institute

"Manana de Israeli Flamenco"

A celebration of 7 young flamenco companies from all over Israel.

Presenting the schools/companies of:  Carmel Shely Brener / Elimor Druler Ben Zaken- Elibre- Raanana / Ingrid Aboud Nes Tsiona/ Maram Kablawi – Andalus- Haifa / Liat Raz Hertzlya/ Liat Kaplinsky Hasharon/ Ruti Barnea - Rutina- Raanana.

Light design - Yaacov Beresi

Competition Stage II

Five contestants will present 2 dances each.

Mandatory Routine - Cana, choreography by Ursula Lopez for Adi Foundation ; Free Choreography - for the first time with live music!

Musicians: Shuky Shveiky – vocals, Ofir Atar – guitar, Adva Yirmyahu – Palmas

                                               Like every year, we work to make these events as full of life and grace as was Adi.                                           

Festival Schedule

Thursday March 23rd 
21:00 pm
Pintor Y Flamenco J.R.T - Ursula Lopez/ Tamara Lopez/ Leonor Leal

[tickets 180/200 IS]


Friday March 24th
10:00 am
Master Class - by Ursula Lopez/ Tamara Lopez/ Leonor Leal


14:00 pm

Competition Stage II

[tickets 60/70 IS]


22:00 pm

Pintor Y Flamenco J.R.T - Ursula Lopez/ Tamara Lopez/ Leonor Leal

[tickets 180/200 IS]


Tickets - Susan Delal  03-5105656

Saturday March 25th 
12:30 pm
Mañana de Israeli Flamenco
[tickets 80/90 IS]


16:30 pm
Cinco5 "Juanita and the Guitar" - a family friendly performance

* presented at the Cervantes TLV institute
[tickets 60 IS]


Festival Gala Event: 

Competition Finale & Pintor Y Flamenco J.R.T

[tickets 200/220 IS]

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